Friday, May 7, 2010

Inside the Cabin

Two seats are taken off to place emergency raft, spare parts, and a lot of paper work. Notice the bucket, the emergency toilet. Hope that nobody needs to use it.

Toronto Canada

Concierge recomended Canoe Restaurant at TD Bank building at 54th floor. Food and services are top quality.We were impressed that when we arrive, the reception gentlemen told us "We will give you an experience you will never forget". Great attitute. No wonder it was packed on a Thursday night. I ate a beautiful "Lobster Bouche" before I remember we should take a picture. It was funny. ..... Met new friends, Jane and Ken" who are from Quebec, told us we must try "Poutine" in Quebec so that is what we will do.

Arrive Toronto, Canada today. Landed at this small airport, City center airport. Going through custome is just a phone call. No officers therefore, no stamps on passports. (This becomes a problem when we try to get tax refund today). Ended up stay at "Hazelton Hotel". Planned to go to Montreal next day. But, we are rained-in. Storm is being forecast for today and tomorrow. We will stay Toronto for two more days. Skip Montreal and directly go to Quebec City to meet the team.