Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cairo, Egypt

June 3 to June 5 - Cairo, Egypt

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids. The short stay in Cairo is just to visit the wonder of old Egypt. Our guide, Mr, Ahmed Henu, is an author, Egyptologist and a great story teller. A good history lessons for us. Only after we arrived to the hotel, we realize that we were staying at the historical Mena House. It is the first and only (for a long time) hotel just right at the foothill of the Pyramids. The Hotel was first build in 1884 by a English couple. One of the significant event relate to the history book we have studied was the "Cairo Conference" during WWII. Mena House was the site for the conference where Chiang Kai Shek, Roosevelt, and Churchill meet in 1943. In the meeting, the leaderss agreed that Japan would be forced to give up occupied Chinese territory (including Taiwan) and give their unconditional surrender.

Air view of Cairo airport in the big desert.

View from our balcony.

Mena House front door.

Mena House with Pyramids as backdrop.

Sound and light show at the Pyramids.

The day at the Pyramids. A little history here, just to remind ourselves later. It is believed to be build during 2575BC to 2150BC by the Pharaoh/King Khufu for his burial site. Pyramids got out of style by the Kings because these sites were all looted with no exceptions. Later, the Kings and Queens choose their sites discretely underground and were expedited later mostly in Luxor. Where we will fly 2 hours to, tomorrow.

Entrance to King Khufu's coffin room.

Crowing space inside of the Pyramids.

Distance shots with the Sphinx.

We visited the Cairo Museum in the afternoon where the treasure of King Tut are housed. King Tut died at 18 and half years old. His image were all handsome and powerful. We saw his golden coffin and mask (made of 250 Lbs of pure gold). The golden mask of King Tut's face is synonymous with Egypt. No Camera allowed. We will see his tomb in Luxor tomorrow.