Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gibraltar Rock and Ibiza Island, Spain

We stopped by Gibraltar for lunch on our way to Ibiza, Spain. I did not know that Gibraltar is a nation now. We had to go through customs. Flying in gave us a nice view of the rock. After out of custom, got a taxi to take the 6 minutes cable ride to top of the rock where local apes welcome us. (Actually, they are known for taking food or shinning items from people, espcially woman and children. Yes, they did. ). I like this picture with the airplane, the rock and Jeffrey. Can be the cover of our photo book.

Ibiza is a vacation spot for Spainsh people, I guess. Thierry, the owner of the tour company has a property here. His parents has been taking them to Ibiza for vacation since the early 70's. Water, the old town, the Spainish food, it has everything. Good shopping for beach dresses and leather goods.

Flyying in.

On top of the rock.

Ibiza, Spain. A restaruant on the beach serving Paella.

Pilots on the boat.

Renee and one of the new friends. Allison.

Walking on sanded bridge in between islands.

Ibiza old town and three tired shoppers.

Old town Ibiza.