Monday, May 31, 2010

Santorini - Greece

May 28 to May 31 - Santorini, Greece

Our airplane was last to arrive becuase a jump for the battery was needed at Malta airport. After arriving to a empty custom, (with no restrooms), and half an hour wait in the sun for taxi, we were dropped off at a road side and cannot see any sign of our hotel.

Called the hotel and a strong guy (later on we know he is also a professional boxer), in all white uniform walked down the stairs along the cliff side and carried all 8 of our duffle bags. He does this all day long. We followed him through steps and small walk ways along the cliff. Finally arrived to an entrance of a white cave. Fortunately, two icy cold sparkle wine awaits us.

Just pass the reception cave, it was like walking into a most peaceful, calming dream. The breathtaking beauty of Aegean sea amazed us with its presence. You dare not to even wisper , as you feel time stands still right here and right now and any sound will wake up this unimaginable dream.

After three flat of steep stairs up and two flat down, we were lead to our all white room in a cave. View with a private jacuzzi. What else can one ask?

Sontorini as we approach.

Oia town church at sunset, Santorini.

Pool side welcome dinner at sunset.

Our room is at the very top behind me to the right.

Entrance of Kirini Resort.



Walkway also a dinning room at night.

The brightest bluest sky.

Many other resorts and hotels along the cliff side by side.

Renee wearing the dress bought from local store.

Hotel donky. His name is Lemonia. I think he is in training for carrying luggages. (I hope). Very very cute. In the old times, there were a lot of donkies to carry goods and tourists ups and downs of the cliff but now there is a cable car for cruise ships' passengers

Spa in a cave. Nice and cool.

Getting ready for a sail boat ride.

Sunset cruise.

Pilots and their wives.

Jeffrey snorkling along the vocano islands.

Everyday meditation.

Say goodbye to a beautiful dreamy place.

Captain Ying is ready to fly to Istanbul.

And his first officer.