Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paris - May 18 to May 21

Paris - May 18 to May 21

We want ourselves to bring a new set eyes with this trip. Even for places we have visited, I believe there is always something different one can explore or be so fortunate to doing do one's favorite things again. Reporting to girlfriends, no interesting Birkin insight.

Things we have done interesting this time in Paris are: Attend cooking class at the Michelin two -star chef, Guy Martin's kitchen, get to book Le Jules Verne (one month in advance and only by the Concierge at the Plaza Athenee) and had a classic, outstanding French dinner. Breakfast at Allen Ducas' restaurant is a feast to the eye. French elegance at its best.

Cooking Class - three course, appetizer, main course, and desert. The kitchen hygiene is spotless.

My work. Salmon and funnel appetizer. I know, it is ugly. It is not easy as it seems.

At the 54th floor of Eiffel Tower. The Le Jules Verne Restaurant. The name is after the author who wrote "Around the World in 80 Days". How appropriate!

Food here is not fancy. Presentation is basic. The flavor... . We were laughing and eating at the same time. It was magical. The head waiter says, it is just French cooking, nothing else. Even desert was just superior to the "rest". We were told, 9 pastry chefs in the kitchen. Here are lobster salad and pigeon.

Plaza Athenee. Looking out of our room.

Welcome chocolate symbolizing our fly around the world journey.


The Poilane bread. I read once that they make the "Best" bread in the world. After 20 Euros of taxi ride and 20 for the bread. It is good but not "that good". Maybe, we waited too long to eat it.