Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nagoya- Japan

July 17 - July 18 - Nagoya, Japan

Took train back to Nagoya from Kyoto. Nagoya is in mid Japan. Third largest city. We stay in the hotel inside of train station where there are hundreds of stores and restaurants including a full size up scale department store bigger then Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Best of all, the basement of the department store has the best deli vendors plus a supermarket housing exotic fruits from the world. Sumo wrestling is very popular in Japan. Jeffrey went to a match in one afternoon which is the highlight of the stay. From this point on, we have done most of the touring. The rest is flying home. Next four days are flying everyday for 6 hours. Hope I can take it.

News release in Japan.

Square watermelon and cantelope in the supermarket.

Wreseling court.

The very helpful and friendly team of airport ground handlers in Nagoya.

Waving goodbye to Nagoya.

Special lunch from flight attendant i.e. Renee.

The sea in the sky.