Thursday, July 22, 2010

Magadan - Russia

July 18 to July 19 –Magadan, Russia

Left highly developed Japan to Siberia, Russia. Don’t know what to expect. The reason we stop here is because only Magadan has Avgas in east Russia. We paid in advance at a price that is 9 times we pay in the States. Landing in Russia is with excitement as the finishing line is closer.

It is Sunday, today, the airport opens just for us. $1800 each airplane. Maybe it is the reason everyone seems angry and no one speaks any English except the ground handler. No one speaks English in hotel either. Forget about morning calls.

Actually, Magadan is a nice seaside town with mountains covered by pine trees. At least this time of the year, it is very green. Reminds me of the Alpine in Switzerland. Can become a great ski resort town only if the Visa does not take 2 months to get.

A note to pilots. So far, every country’s air controllers and radar controllers all use English and the aviation terms exactly as we use in the States, including Japan and Russia. No worries if one wants to fly internationally.

Stay overnight at town hotel and tomorrow, depart to Anadyr. A town that is at the most Northeastern point of Russia. 6 hours flight from Anchorage, Alaska. - The finishing line ....

Very green Magadan.

The seaside town by the Pacific Ocean.

Friendly taxi driver and his friends.

A brand new church under construction.

Celebrate Brian's birthday in Magadan. Miraculously, we found a cake, a candle and a upside down salt bottle as candle stand. Brian and Dad, Steve.

Happy Birthday! Brian.

Creative design in the bath room. One faucet for sink and tub. Someone should apply a patent for that.

The most expensive two drums of fuel.
Tour director Al helping Jeffrey.

Leaving Magadan to Anadyr, further north. These sea of cloud are so tranquil. We have our classic music on in the plane. As if we are watching a cinematic presentation by nature.

Sapporo - Japan

July 17 to July 18 – Sapporo, Japan

Before arriving Sapporo, we stop by Obihiro to fuel Avgas. Again, Sapporo only has jet fuel. Obihiro is further north to Sapporo, we flew over Sapporo, to Obihiro, and then return to Sapporo to join the group and stay overnight. Total fly time on the 17th is 6 hours. Had dense fog as landing at Sapporo, however with no problem. We stay the the airport tonight. Inside of the airport, there are these shops selling Hokaido’s live king crab, salted fish, cantaloupe, and other framing products. Here is known for its abundant agricultural products and ocean harvests. No time to enjoy, the finishing line is insight, everyone wants to cross it now. We leave to Magadan, Russia 8:00 AM tomorrow.

Obihiro airport.
Jeffrey with fueling and ground staff.

Landing at New Chitose airport, Sapporo. Visibility is ..... like this.

Runway all lighted up.

Airport shops. Wish we can have a cooking class learning how to cook these salted fish.

July 18 - at Sapporo airport departing to east Russia. Crossing those cold water again. Captain's order, survival suits on again.
I laugh so hard because I almost killed myself putting the suit on. What a paradox!