Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marrakech, Morroco

Marrakech, Morroco

First, see some new followers, Welcome, Wei and Yee-Ping, CH, and Michelle.

We have not heard of Marrakech until this trip. Casablanca usually comes to mind when talk about Morrooco. Marrakech is the third largest city in Morroco and has been the capital of the nation many times in the history. Has been in many Hollywood movies such as “ The Mummy”, …. . Hotel Le Mamounia, is the top choice. Beautiful indeed, and new. Every room is decorated Morrocan style. Food served here is out of this world which can be a problem.

Yves Saint Laurent lived here before he died. The garden of his house now is open to public. We paid a short visit.

Somehow, somewhere, during our shopping at the “Suk” (local market)) which is so big we cannot find our way out without the tour guide., I have got a new Arabian husband and his name is "Laurance". Jeffrey has amused all the staff in the Hotel. Made friends with all the waiters in the restaurant. More importantly, he danced with belly dancers “Morrocan “ style. Every local who looked at him had a grim on their face but we don’t know why. I think, it is nice to amuse the local people once in a while.

Hotel La Mamounia

An old property of the Marrakech governer.

Marrakech street.

Snake Charmer

The suk. Too bad no chance to really buy something. There are many wook works with intricate inlay design. Can be good to make a Mah Jion table.

Now, Jeffrey and Thierry (owner of the Aviation Tour company), trying to scare local people.

Entrance of a Morroco restaurant.

Table setting for before dinner drinks. Everything is beautiful.

Look at Jeffrey's face.

Thierry proposed to hold hands with Jeffrey when wearing the robe as Morrocan men do. I was laughing of control.

Dinner table with Aournd the World good wishes.

Belly dancers.

We are off to Ibiza, Spain tomorrow.