Friday, June 4, 2010


May 29 to June 2 - Istanbul

Jeffrey and I have been to Istanbul in 2008. As mentioned before, we want to bring a different set of eyes to see places and we did. This time, the experience is different in a good way. For the big sightseeing places like the Blue Mosque, St. Sophie's, and the Baslitic Cystern, we went. For the one free day on June 1, we went to a small harbor (outside The House Cafe). Spent a day like a real Turk.

We had Turkish coffee made just for us, went to pipe smoking joint, ate Gyro for lunch, Mado for ice cream. took a Turkish bath.

Last day, we were transferred to airport by Helicopter. Next stop, Pyramids, Egypt.

Birds eyeview of the Bosphorus Strait.

View of Bosphorus from Hotel.

Outside of Blue Mosque. A Islamic temple decorated most by blue tiles and glasses.

Entrance of Blue Mosque.

Inside of a beauful temple where people still worship in.

St. Sophis Museum. Once was Church, Mosque and now just Museum.

Jeffrey plays with a cat as we wait in line.

Beautiful work in these hundreds of colums.

Tourists, Tourists, everywhere.

Underground water reserve system in Istanbul. Not functional today but for Tourists. Once was water reserve build by Ottoman empire mainly for defensive purposes. Amazing structure. Today, above the system, has regular buildings with stores and condos.

Upside down face of Goddess Medusa in the water reserve. The builders want to minimize Medusa's evil power.

Buy fruits from street vendor.

Fresh prune vendor.

Lunch outside of Bazzar.

The Ciragan Palace Hotel.

The Harbor next to a local Mosque.

Pipe store owner who makes the best Turkish Coffee.

Looking at seafood restraurant's luncheon selections.

Best fry fish we have had for this trip. Very much like Chinese' "Little Yellow Fish". Very tender and fresh. So good, we ordered second order.

Friendly Gyro chef.

Popular Ice Cream brand. It is actually very very good.

We did not eat this, but it is popular that people put a lot of stuff on a big baked potato such as corns, hot peppers, sliced hot dogs, and on top, lots and lots of mayo.

The pipe waiter who starts the smoking for customers. He looks happy all the time, I wonder why.....

A little pipe smoking will not hurt anyone, right?

Making of Turkish coffee.

Helicopter transfer to Istanbul Airport. We will fly to Egypt today.