Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sinai - Egypt

June 8 to June 11 - Sinai (Sharm El Sheik, Egypt)

First, just want to remind to friends that we love to read your comments, therefore, I move the comments key to the top for easy viewing. On the Chronicle page, I put our next destination there. Therefore, if you have been there, let us know your input as to restaurants, places to see and so on.

Sinai Peninsula was given (returned) to Egyptian government in 1982 by a peace agreeement between Egypt and Israel. It is mostly desert except for the beach resorts area. Security is very tight here. In addition to the X-ray screening at the hoteal entrance, cars are searched everytime also using equipment to search under the cars.

Red Sea scuba diving is famous among divers. Therefore, Jeffrey had a 4-tank dive in one day. The next day, he just snorkled with me. The snorkling is great too. The pier of Four Seasons extend right into the edge of the corral reef. Once jump into the ocean, a verticle drop of the reef is right in front of you. Many many colorful fish. Easy snorkling and fish watching.

Camel ride is the highlight for the next day. We had a good one hour of camel ride in the desert where you see the desert resembles ocean and rivers. Mount Sinai hiking is offered but the pick up is 3:00 AM. Therefore......

Knowing we are in the area of Biblical mention is already inspiring.

Approaching where desert meets the ocean.

Hi, Everyone.

Jeffrey finished snorkling.

Moses heard God in a mountain very much like this.

My camel and me.

Our camel leader is just 7 years old. Took all the photos for us.

Set up for tea party.

Jeffrey is becoming an Arabian.

The tea maker.

The tea party.

In the desert with the winds, we can see plastic trash bags every where. The government set up these iron wires to catch the plastic bags for collecting and cleanning. Kind of sad. I will think twice when I use plastic bag at Vons from now on.

Desert or river?

Desert or ocean?

We will fly to Dubai tomorrow.