Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Borobudur - Indonesia

June 26 to June 28 - Borobudur - Indonesia
Borobudur is in the center of Indonesia's Java Island. Java as many know is formed by volcano and still has a few active ones. Actually, we were welcomed by a 6.3 degree earthquake centered at west Java. The Volcanoes gave the island enriched soils that seems can grow anything.

The highlight of this place is the Buddhist temple believe to be build in 800AD and is discovered by British surveyors in the early 1900s. Maintenance now is mostly funded by UNESCO now.

Have not heard of Borobudur before this trip and indeed, at the temple site, we did not see many foreign tourists, most are locals and young students. This temple is quite different from what we have seen before. A square base build up to a center tip. Almost like a Pyramids. Hundreds of Stupas each represents a lotus flower stand inside has a statue of Buddha. Many many beautiful carvings telling the familiar stories of Syakamuni. The carvings are very detailed with vivid expressions. Javanese think Angkor Wat's carving is a follow up of their arts.

The town is very quite, unspoiled. We can feel the local people's earthy nature and friendship from their hearts. They harvest tobaccos, rice, tropical fruits, makes rattans, potteries.... Seems that nature are kind to them too. It is a little Shangri-La.

Smoking volcano welcomes us.

Green green rich land.

Horse carriage ride through the village.

Drying tobacco leafs.

Borobudur temple at dawn.

Two early visitors. The temple is not open to public only to special reserved visitors.

Now, visitors come.

Beautiful carving. Two beautiful dancers dance suductively to induce Syakamuni from his meditation to enlightment.

walking through history.

Jeffrey being interviewed by local college students.

Students asking his autograph... Why?
Private B B Q dinner and Java dancing performance for Fred's farewell. Fred will say good bye to us after arriving Bali.

The pool side set up is just outstanding.

Javanese dancers.

Nice ending to a joyous event.

Pilots invite Fred to photo with their airplanes before the flight to Bali. This is Citation jet, Owner, Steve and co-pilot, Gielln.

Okay, Fred is having fun with the French made "TBM". Owner Steve "W" painted a great shark face on the tip. You see, they are flying and having fun with their airplanes.

"TBM" owner Steve W. and co-pilot, Brian.

Now, he is on the plane with Jeffrey. Fly from Java to Bali is short, just about 2 hours.