Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inverness - Scotland

First thing taxi driver told us: Inver means "the Mouth of", therefore, Inverness is the Mouth of river Ness. Here is where river Ness meets the ocean. No question, Scotland is very very green. It rains a lot here but fortunately, for the 3 days stay, no rain at all and pilots get some needed rest.

Cute Hotel Bunchrew.

One of the castles.

Lake Ness (in Scotish, Loch Ness). Looking for the Water Monster.

Water Monster coming to us....

Town of Inverness. By the way, no Pringle of Scotland here. Where is it?

River Ness.

River Ness. Water very clear. Great water here. Makes the best Ice Tea and Whisky, of course.

Country road.

In the Hotel yard.

ICELAND - May 13-14

Cheers! From Iceland. Pre-dinner drink.
Iceland in rain.
A quick stay over at Iceland. In order to avoid the Vocano ash, we shortened the stay at Iceland to just one night. For the past few days, a lot of flying and no real break. Pilots are tired. Cute town though.