Thursday, July 15, 2010


July 12 to July 15 – Kyoto, Japan

The rain never really stopped when we were in Kyoto. It just made the city even more romantic.

One of our favorite places. Every time here (my 5th, Jeffrey, he lost count) , I am amazed with how well the history is preserved not only by well keep the temples and shrines, also the way people live.

Tradition is part of life. Men and women would wear Kimono even walk their dogs. Many small family stores line up the streets. It makes one slow down and be relaxed. You cannot rush things even if you want to. We want to take a good rest here so schedule is very relaxed. Took a long walk along the Philosophers’ trail in the light mist of rain, had simple yet excellent “Ben Tou” lunch. At nights, Kaiseki, (traditional fine Japanese dinning with entertainment), of course.

Fly from Taipei to Nagoya. Colder weather made the airplane wings start to accumulate ice. Icing is not good for our small airplane. Jeffrey decent from normal cruising 21,000 feet to 15,000 and icing was gone.

Can see nothing outside the window.

Irrisponsible co-pilot.

Nagoya is third largest city in Japan. The development is massive.

Runway in sight.
Red carpet welcome as customs officers inspect the airplane.
With customs officers and ground handler, Mr. Micky.

Efficient airport with Avgas truck ready and waiting for us before e we land. I like that.

Jeffrey attached flags of countries we had landed for this trip to airplane.

Starting from home, America.

One last country in the list is Russia.

Here we are, Japan. One more to go.

Waiting for train to Kyoto at Nagoya train station. Part of the group. Looks like we are airline employees.

Train attendant.

Breakfast at Hyatt, Kyoto. Good choice to stay.

Starting a walk through the Philosophers' trail. It is a long trail starting and ending with two famous temples. In between, many temples worth visiting too. We stopped by two of them today that we have not been before and with minimum visitors. The stream and the plantation around it is kept as natural habitate. Fishes and ducks can be seen on clear water. Small shops, not many, and tea houses along the way. Spring time, cherry blossom is amazing, and in autum, the turning leaf is just beyond I can describe. At this time, it is green over green.

Small shops on a side street.

Honein Temple. Nice and quite. No entry fee required.

Sit down for a Ben Tou lunch. A very simple tea hous that has maybe 10 tables.

Jeffrey's favorite "Beef Bowl".

All gone.

Simple green tea and red bean cake. The best ever. Red bean cake is home made in the morning.

In a small bakery. The philosophical senteances on the wall echos the reason for the name of the trail.
Translation : One usually becomes famous or successful when the time is poor and difficult. Failure or setback occures when one is erogant.

Lotus pond of a small temple on the way.

A rare golden koi.

Imagine when all these green is bright red.

One this stairway, look out to the garden. Every step is a different view.

Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto. Pronounciation: "Sa A Mi".

One of many well presented dishes.

Owner of "Sa A Mi".

Famous Gion district.

Dinner with Geisha entertaining.

The young Geisha (Miko Son)'s name is Toneiwa.

Dancing expressing four seasons.
The back of Geisha is as beautiful as the front.

Playing drinking game with Jeffrey.

Loser has to drink. Not bad.

Ending of a fun evening. Tomorrow, taking train back to Nagoya.


  1. WOW~ I love Japan! I'm so jealous <3<3 It looks so pretty! I thought it might be very hot, but it seems to be nice!

  2. I love the flag stickers on your plane! So cool.
    Your Kyoto photos look so nice. It reminds me of the last time that I was there, it was overcast with misty rain and we were with Jefferey too.
    So your journey is nearing the end; you must feel great having had this experience. I look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Who won the drinking game? Jeffrey or the Geisha?