Saturday, June 26, 2010


June 21 to June 24 - Krabi – Thailand

I have not heard Krabi before therefore totally unprepared by the stunning beauty of the precious island. The resort, Rayavadee is build among the limestone rocks with three beaches. Each has a different view of these rock formations. We did not have the best weather for its scuba diving or snorkeling, however, the island is more well known by rock climbers. There are a few rock climbing shops providing equipments and guides. Now, we are convinced that it is a good sport to look into. I will look into a rock climbing gym somewhere close home after return. What a cool thing to do! Check out Jeffrey virgin climb.

Camera cannot do justice to the beauty of the island. I can only capture a small portion of these natural wonder. By now, if people ask me where are the places we like the most, I say, Santorini, Luxor, and Krabi. If anyone is traveling close to Thailand, really highly recommend to come here.

Crack of dawn.

A leisure walk.
Dinner in the limestone cave.

Thai cooking class.

Cutting, chopping and grinding.

Whala... Masaman Chicken.

Just steps out of bungalows.

Millions of shells in the rocks.

Walk through these branches to the climb site. Actually, only 5 minutes from the hotel beach.

Getting ready for the climb.

Taking beginner's lesson from top instructor, Kwa. Kwa has been instructing our pilot friend, who is also a rock climber for 2 years, so considered an old friend of his. He climbs with such a ease. Very good teacher with safety in mind constantly.

Yah! Touch the "ring".

Coming down is easy. Nice legs, Jeffrey. Actually, just half an hour of climb can make one ache all day next day.

Tomorrow is Singapore. Fred is waiting for us there. We are excited that we will see an old friend from L.A soon.

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