Saturday, June 26, 2010


June 24 to June 26 - Singapore
Singapore is such a international country/city that many people have visited. Not much we can add except the highlight is our good friend, Fred came all the way from Los Angeles just for joining us for a few legs starting from Singapore. We are so pleased and excited to see him at the Raffles hotel. Fred has been traveling for a week in the Malaysia rain forest before he landed here. We opened a bottle of wine right away to celebrate the reunion. What a wonderful treat to see old friends from far away! (Quoting Confucius).

Appoaching Singapore. The river divides Singapre and Malaysia.

The beautiful and historical Stemford Raffals sutie in Raffals Hotel.

Welcoming Fred.

A drink at the porch.

  1. Fred invited the group for an elegant luncheon at the hip "China Club". Printed menu with his best wishes. Thank you, Fred. It was lovely and all enjoyed so.

    Panaramic view from the private room of the 'China Club".

    Fred joining us for a ride.

    Captin, crew, and the honorable passenger.

    Fred in great spirit.

    Flying to Borabudur, Indonesia.

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  1. the photos remind me of the old raffles hotel i remember staying in when i was a kid. high ceilings, big porch, white walls, etc.

    fred looks happy to see you and jeffrey!