Friday, July 23, 2010

Alaska, U.S.A.

July 19 – Anchorage, Alaska

We gained one day when arrived Alaska. It was 11:30 PM. The customs officer came to our plane and escorted us to the customs building. Got congratulated by the officers for finishing the trip.

Our group had arrived several hours before us and were awaiting in the hotel for a celebration toast. We were all in an enlightened state of mind. Congratulating each other for a life enhancing journey. There are so much to learn. The energized enrichment from mother nature, on land and in air, human being spirits, self discovery, …. and much much more. It will take time to realize the impact of this trip, I guess. But at this moment, we all know, we have done it and all still are in great spirit. Congratulations to all and each one of the 2010 Around the World Journey group member!

Passing the Pacific Ocean and entering U.S. airspace and seeing Alaskan mountains.

Anchorage airport near mid-night.

Largest water plane park in the world. Water airplanes everywhere. Taking one day of rest in Alaska after 4 days of straight flying. Casually walking around town. Weather is pleasant. Locals wear T shirts only.

Yes, we cannot resist. On board a water plane for a glacier tour.

Anchorage city.

Low altitude and slow speed flying. About 85 nautical miles per hour compare to the regular 200 t0 300 nm.

Frozen rivers near and close.

Massive glacier break.

Over the water fly by. Spetacular.

July 21 - Continue the long way home. From Anchorage to Seattle is a long flight crossing the whole British Columbia, Canada. About 1300 NM. The airplane can just make it without fueling in BC which will require in to Canada and through U.S. customs again.

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