Friday, July 23, 2010

Anadyr - Russia

July 19 - Anadyr, Russia

Anadyr is the most Northeastern point of Russia. Pacific Ocean on one side and Arctic Ocean on the other side. Closest point to the U.S.

Upon arrival, two drums of Avgas awaiting us. The same as all other situation of drum providers, no pumping equipment. Jeffrey took out hand pump, and filter, and starting to work. After a while, he realize his lack of triceps muscle, he pull out a $20 bill and ask the truck driver to pump for him. We did have a electric pump with us but the problem is whenever there is only drums, there are no electric hookup at all. So the hand pump has to work. The fueling took an hour, just finish before we almost miss the last ferry boat to town for the day.

You can tell the ferry boat has been in service for a long time by the thick exterior white paint. Only locals are on board. Russian look very much like Asian, especially some woman. I even try to talk them in Chinese, when English does not work, of course, no one understands. After 30 minutes boat ride, and 5 minutes taxi ride, we arrived the hotel. Pleasantly surprised, a quite new and nice hotel with a receptionist understands some English. What a relieve!

Anadyr is a nice and modern small city. Banks, super market, drug stores...and so on. Very much similar to Iceland town where we just started our journey. After a walk around the hotel and visited a well stocked super market, we retire to the room and getting ready to catch the 8:00 AM ferry back to the airport tomorrow.

July 20 –

7:45 Am at lobby to be picked up by taxi, just to discover we are short of one person. Turns out the group member took a morning walk and underestimated the time needed to walk back to the hotel. By the time the taxi came, luggage loaded, and arrive to the ferry dock, sure enough, the ferry long gone. The next ride is 3 hours later.

The lesson learned? Do not walk away from the place you are not familiar with, walk in circles. Anyway, we are strained at the ferry dock with a taxi driver does not understand us. Right away, we thought of chartering one of the other boats on the dock. Those looks like construction ferries. After 1 had refused us, the other one agreed for US$200. Taken, of course.

What a recover! We managed to arrive at airport just 20 minutes late. Well, unfortunately, a Boeing 747 with full load of passengers just arrived too. We had to wait for 3 and half hours at the airport, by plane side, before our passports get stamped by customs.

By 2 PM, we took off and on our way to Alaska, U.S.A. Yeh!

Only one and half hour later, we reached U.S. radar control. Yes, it is nice to come home. Forgot to bring a bottle of Champagne on board.

From air, the swamp looks like cut outs. In the winter time, covered with ice and snow.

Anadyr airport.

Pumping Avgas.
By the dock, there are several sank ships. We have nice weather in the afternoon.

On board ferry boat.

Sharing Orios with Russian children.

Jeffrey calling "Russia!" to the Russian flag.

Anadyr town with road to ocean side.

The hotel.
Streets of Anadyr.

On board the construction ferry. An exclusive ride. Actually, an experience money cannot buy.

A straight ladder to the upper deck.

No seats, everyone needs to find a place to stand.

Airport in sight.

The living quarter of the two sailors.

Okay, no GPS, where do I go?

Here we are, dropped us off at the construction site.

It seems a over the sea bridge is being built.

Airport, at last. A pretty new airport only has no ramps, all stairs. Maybe, ramps and elevators are being built.

Ferry helocopter.

Leaving Anadyr toward the finishing line.

Here we come, Alaska!

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